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Being on the math team no longer makes you look nerdy

math-club-4You all know about the old stereotype of good students, especially those good at maths, being called nerds and picked on by the ‘popular’ kids. Well, judging by the way things are right now, the nerds are the new jocks.

A long time ago, being on the math team made other students think you’re nerdy and probably lacking of basic social skills. Finally, the roles are reversed and it turns out that the nerds are the popular kids nowadays. Take a look at some of the world’s most successful men. Mark Zuckerberk, for example. The nerdy-looking guy managed to make millions of dollars out of is social network project and had recently married the woman of his dreams. If we start with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the others, the list would be too long. Thanks to the expansion and progress of technology, the nerds are now taking over the world and becoming some of world’s richest men thanks to their brilliant ideas.

A recent survey in a women’s magazine showed that women nowadays are more into nerdy looking guys than in ripped, jocky type of men. It’s no secret that the gentle sex was always attracted to power, which is associated with money. Once considered a big turn on, strength might have been important back in the days when people had to hunt their own food down, chop trees to make houses and similar stuff, but now physical strength has lost its importance. No one wants to pick a lumberjack over a guy in a suit earning millions of dollars.

As a result of this change, what was once considered unpopular and even shameful is now become hip. Just take a look at hipsters and their thick rimmed glasses. A decade ago, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with these glasses, but now you have to wear them if you want to be cool. Not to mention any kind of geeky or nerdy obsession. Kids who used to hide the fact they’re playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement are now bragging about it, comic book fans are proud of their fandom, and so on. The geeks all over the world have let their flag fly and aren’t ashamed of what they are anymore.

math-club-3Have you seen the latest TBS reality show? It doesn’t involve tanned chicks with fake boobs, but a bunch of nerds! Entitled “King of the Nerds”, the show follows 11 of the nerdiest people on the planet fighting for the title that would once have them want to change schools. Judging by the initial reactions, there are much more nerds and nerd fans than we ever suspected.

So, if you consider yourself a fellow nerd, don’t be afraid to step out of the closet and show the world what’s so great in being one! Who knows, you might be the next millionaire or at least the star of the next reality show!

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